A polished and compelling display.

This straight-to-the-point website exemplifies the importance of thoughtfully chosen colors and typography, as well as a clear and concise design and user-friendly navigation, in achieving a triumphant online business presentation.

Client: Bart Van Den Kieboom
Services: Website Design, UX, UI

01. The Challenge

A Belgium-based IT consulting firm, Egeo, required an update to their website and desired a revitalization of the stiff and obsolete website by incorporating contemporary design elements and visuals.

For numerous organizations, particularly when introducing new concepts to established markets, this can pose a significant challenge. Consumers typically ask questions such as “What is your product? How does it function? Why should I be interested?” This website addresses all of these queries while also showcasing the product and encouraging the user to engage through effective calls to action and contact forms. Additionally, the website adeptly incorporates “scroll hijacking.”

02. The Transformation

With remarkable attention to detail, the long-scrolling, content-focused website boasts over 20 slideshows and is organized in a manner that superbly conveys the features of the product and services in a clear and easily understandable way, as it progresses visually.

03. Other Interesting Features

The brand logo is extensively employed throughout the website, appearing in the favicon, preloader, section backgrounds, sliders, and titles. The website also features powerful graphics and images, understated animations, page backgrounds, a responsive layout, and an intuitive and engaging design for the contact form. Furthermore, each page concludes with a call-to-action button situated at the bottom of the page.