Client: Samaven
Date: 2016-09-03
Services: Web Design & Development

An HTML based, responsive website design, built from the ground-up as a modular framework.

Blending contemporary styling with beautiful markup, Samaven was built with a modern, unique & interesting layout with a plethora of robust & carefully crafted base elements & functionality such as social media feeds, contact form, subscription blocks,full screen lightbox gallery and filterable portfolio. underpinned by rock-solid design fundamentals. Layout conform to a baseline grid, typography scales appropriately with different devices and colour schemes allow for a fully brandable design. The website showcases a clean and contemporary look employing the many colour scheme and font pairing options opens up a new level of aesthetic opportunity.

Graceful loading was a priority, for which an attempt was made to make the pages load faster and serve the user well-planned content without any delays.

Apart from the primary website development, two other pages were developed which formed part of the main website. One, for the purpose of sharing posts & blogs, and another to promote the company’s explainer videos which formed the core service area of the organisation. An effort was made to bring uniformity in the interface and appearance of all the three websites, while maintaining the unique, independent visual appeal, look & feel.

Launch Site