Values For Fashion

While the VFF website is designed with a minimalistic approach, it's also infused with an element of fun that demonstrates how minimalism can be warm and inviting rather than austere and distant.

VFF’s web design prioritizes a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic that emphasizes a simple theme. As an ecommerce website, it follows a straightforward structure that facilitates easy browsing and shopping. The site strikes a balance between design and imagery, showcasing high-quality, oversized product shots on the homepage, which are neatly arranged in a grid-like, Pinterest-inspired layout. This youthful and engaging design, coupled with intuitive navigation, makes it easy for users to stay on the site and explore its offerings.

Client: Lissette Noboa
Date: May 27, 2020
Services: Website Design & Development

Rather than overwhelming the viewer with excessive text, the page prioritizes visual representation, allowing the ready-to-wear fashion brand’s images to shine and take center stage. The brand strategically relies on its imagery to showcase its products, while minimizing navigation and keeping the user experience streamlined and intuitive.

Despite the simple and streamlined layout of the product listings, each item is accompanied by a detailed description that caters to customers who want to learn more about the product. The modern aesthetic features ample white space that prevents the site from feeling cluttered or overwhelming. In addition, the padding around the product photos draws the eye to the items being sold, highlighting their unique qualities and making them stand out even more. Overall, this ecommerce site strikes a perfect balance between form and function, delivering a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Besides, the About Us page effectively portrays the company’s values and ethos, complemented by impactful testimonials that showcase the organization’s unwavering commitment to social and human rights. The company’s mission is geared towards creating a profound societal impact, promoting equality, and advocating for the rights of all individuals.


“Sia is a top Web Developer. After sharing my requirements, her deliverables exceeded my expectations COMPLETELY. She is incredibly talented, VERY responsible, with a great sense of accountability. She knows her craft very well and it's world-class. Her consistency and attention to details make the project a successful, extremely original, one of a kind website. I look forward to working with her again.”

Lissette Noboa CEO & Founder, Values For Fashion